I need help networking broadband!

  I-W 18:45 25 Oct 04

I would like to start networking my aol broadband connection. Im running windows xp on 2 of my pc's and windows 98 on the onter 1. I looked into going thru aol with their packages of modem/routers but ended up buying from another source, because it was cheaper. but this is where the problem starts. The modem router has got 4 ports and is from safecom. I followed the instructions on how to set it up on the first computer, but after that there was no mention on how to set it up on the second and third pc. Using the modem router I can get aol on one computer but not the others. I was using ethernet connection. Can any one sheds some light on this problem please. Oh and please make it idiot proof as i'm no bill gates. cheers.

  TomJerry 18:48 25 Oct 04

just plugin the cable, you are using BB in another two puters strightway. Try it! You can get to net.

If you really love AOL software and browser, you need to install on another two puters the same ways as you do with the first one.

  I-W 18:51 25 Oct 04

I'v done that. It sounds like the router's not working.

  TomJerry 19:01 25 Oct 04

If you got it work on one PC, just do exactly the same to other PCs. AOL is tricky.

  I-W 19:20 25 Oct 04

did but with no joy. The usb drivers for the modem router would not install on the other pc's only on the first one.

  I-W 19:23 25 Oct 04

the second pc picked up the new hardware and we followed the instructions but still no internet.

  easyrider 19:24 25 Oct 04

Did you run network wizard on all computers?

  I-W 19:26 25 Oct 04

no. how should i go about doing that? Please keep it simple.

  easyrider 19:34 25 Oct 04

Go into control panel on one of the XP computers and you wil see Network wizard or my network places and under network tasks you will see set up a home or small office network either will start the wizard then just follow instructions.

  I-W 19:39 25 Oct 04

Thanks i'll give it a go. Kepp your fingers crossed!

  TomJerry 20:32 25 Oct 04

cannot understand this. If you use router, you should connect via Ethernet (lan) port, not usb port. So, usb driver is not correct.

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