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I need help fast please

  caast ©™ 15:30 24 Apr 03

I need help fast, I have a PC that will not load first time after a couple of goes it loads and everything seems Ok. Conflicts in device manager show two Direct memory access controllers. If I delete the extra one in just reloads when rebooting and show up again as a conflict.

Also get alert screen that shows DW causing illegal operation I have unchecked this in the start up groups but this seems to stop the PC from loading correctly as above.

The PC does not shut down correctly running Win98 it goes to It is now safe to turn off your computer, wasnt this old 95 shut down screen

Can anyone tell me what is going on?

  DieSse 15:33 24 Apr 03

"I have a PC that will not load first time"

But what does it do when it doesn't load?

  DieSse 15:33 24 Apr 03

PS - wot's DW

  hugh-265156 15:36 24 Apr 03

dw exe i think is spyware i had a thing called medialoads some time back and if i recall correctly thats what it is.run spybot or adaware to get rid.but i dont think it would cause computer to not boot.

  recap 15:40 24 Apr 03

DW, most probably Doctor Watson?

  MAJ 15:42 24 Apr 03

Yup it's spyware. As for the shutdown problem, go to Control Panel > Power Options > APM tab and tick the little "enable advanced power management support" box.

  Paranoid Android 17:29 24 Apr 03

DW is downloadware, a Kazzaa utility. Uninstalling it should cure the startup problem, or you could just prevent it loading with Windows in MSCONFIG.

The DMA controller problem may mean you need to re-install your motherboard chipset drivers.

Shutdown problem - agree with MAJ.


  caast ©™ 19:03 24 Apr 03

Thanks, you are quite correct DW is downloadware,
I have unchecked it in the list of startups,which solves the alert box on start up.

MAJ I am doing this as I speak (so to speak)

Will check this thread as resolved thanks to all M

  woodchip 19:10 24 Apr 03

Also try disabling plug and play in CMOS, try letting windows manage it

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