I need help choosing a tablet

  bexter08 06 Dec 12

Hi, I want to get a tablet in the near future. My budget isn't really that big, but I want to get something that will last me for a LONG time. I do want a big screen, but not the 10+ in. I want to use my tablet for games and everyday internet usage. I kinda would like for it to replace my comp if possible. Also I love to watch movies, play games, and write. I know...it's a weird combination.

  simonjary 06 Dec 12


We have reviewed all the main and most of the minor tablets here at PC Advisor.

There's also a Which tablet should I buy feature that may be of help.

  northumbria61 06 Dec 12

Just to add to the advice you have already been given above - I kinda would like for it to replace my comp if possible. It will be an addition to what you already have but tablets aren't designed to be a replacement for either a PC or Laptop.

  wbae 06 Dec 12

I have a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 16gb (first issue), and have just bought my wife a Nexus 7 32gb, depending on your preferred screen size I can recommend them both, 10.1 is excellent for watching TV live and catchup, Nexus does live TV but not catchup yet, I find I am not using my Computer much these days, needed only if lots of typing required, or photo editing.

Quality of above tablets is excellent

  compumac 06 Dec 12

I would agree with wbae, I have the ORIGINAL Samsung Galaxy 10.1 with WiFi and 3G. I find it very useful but NOT a replacement for a PC.

  bexter08 06 Dec 12

I was wondering if I should get a Samsung or a Apple. I'm not a big fan of Apple, but if it was the best then I would check it out. But looks like I might check out the Samsung.

  wbae 06 Dec 12

After having an ipod for some years, and being tied to itunes for backups etc. I decided to give Android a go on my phone and Pad last year, it has come on in leaps and bounds, and allows you to control what is installed, not APPLE, the flexibility of which I like.

The quality of build and screen resolution is acceptable and will easily last for the two years before it is out of date, and you crave for the latest ..


  mehim 07 Dec 12

I have mentioned elsewhere that the new Samsung 10.1 with pen is very good. I know you did not want a 10" screen but in the long run it may be beneficial and be a step nearer replacing your pc. Particularly if you want to do a lot of typing/browsing, the keyboard is bigger of course.

It still will not replace mine, as I need a laptop to take away, but it certainly makes emailing and browsing a pleasure when combined with my Wi-Fi dongle.

At present some of the on demand channels are unavailable, I was told by Samsung this is because they will be included on an update. Sky go is also promising but not delivering because they only operate on android 2.

This is the only drawback I can find after 2 months use. The S pen is very useful.

In Cardiff they have a pop up stall demonstrating all the main Samsung gadgets, including cameras. They do not sell so you can play for as long as you like, perhaps there is one near you.

  sunnypete 18 Dec 12

I also am thinking about a tablet, but they all seem to have the battery built in and not replaceable. Is it considered that a 2 year life is all one can expect? bexter08 wants one to last a LONG time!


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