I need help buying a motherboard

  antony.dandrea 19:22 09 Oct 11

I am building my own computer. I feel it is important to get everything absolutely correct for both now and the future.

I have decided to buy the Intel i5-2500k sandy bridge processor and need helping finding a compatible motherboard.

I understand the mother board will need a 1155 socket. But here are some more specs I want:

preferably under £100.

Is it possible to be compatible with more than one socket. So 1155 and 1366 for example?

I am not sure how many PCI connections one should have, but at least 1 PCIe x16 2.0.

Form factor of ATX.

A range of SATA connections (3.0Gbit/s and 6.0)

Supports DDR3. 16Gb or 8Gb. But i want to be able to have a wide selection of choice of what types of RAM and makes I can put into it, because I read a couple of manuals and they gave a limited list. I have no idea what this double memory and single memory business is. I just want RAM slots! With a RAM frequency of 1333.

That is all for now. Any suggestions/explanations gratefully received.

  csqwared 20:05 09 Oct 11

Check this novatech

  antony.dandrea 20:07 09 Oct 11

Sorry, it looks great but I want atx size not micro atx. I worry micro atx isn't big enough and/or heats up too much, or doesnt have much room for expansion.

  rdave13 20:38 09 Oct 11

Suggest you go to the Novatech site, as csqwared's link, and give them a ring or email about your query.



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