I need a good black keyboard! recommendations?

  lloydsj 19:17 10 Mar 03

Thats it...

im after a good quality black keyboard to go with my new pc... any recommendations?

i was looking at the....

IBM - 106 Key Stealth Black Preferred USB + 2 Port Hub
Mfr code: 10K2344

and the...

Toshiba - Black Euro Keyboard
Mfr code: PX1045B-1NAC

  Rayuk 19:24 10 Mar 03

How about a logitech[bottom of the page]click here

  User-312386 19:31 10 Mar 03

Logitech have a great black one and mouse together click here

i am sure you could get it cheaper


  y_not 19:36 10 Mar 03

I use the Logitec black/silver (as per madboy33™ 's posting - great kit!

Only problem I had with it was optical mouse doesn't like a plain black mouse mat......replaced it with the woodgrain of the desktop and it works fine (requires batteries about every three months)

  rct 19:41 10 Mar 03

For keyboards, I only have one recommendation... Cherry, they are absolutely fantastic, robust quiet etc! click here Search click here for "cherry black"

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