I need educating on wireless connectivity

  wobblymike 17:39 22 Nov 05

I have a standard PC set up connected to Broadband via a USB modem. I have built a PC for my son to install in his bedroom and want him to be able to access the net via my broadband connection. I am unsure how to facilitate this - what hardware I need etc. can someone please educate me.

  johnnyrocker 17:42 22 Nov 05

sorry second one should be click here


  johnnyrocker 17:43 22 Nov 05

click here or www,linksys.com


  wobblymike 17:47 22 Nov 05

thanks for the link but i'm not sure what i'm looking or as i say i need educating can you talk me through what i need

  bda72 18:01 22 Nov 05

I'm no expert but have searched for what I need to do a similar job so here goes.

Linksys equipment, I think you would need the WRT54GS router to share your conection and either the WMP54GS pci card or WUSB54GS usb adapter for your sons PC depending on installing the pci card or usb adapter would be your personal choice. I think you can hard wire into the router from your PC or use a PCI card or USB adapter for your own machine if placing the router by your phone socket hides some cables(i.e. keep the wife happy).
As I say this is from reading up on the subject and not personal experience so I look forward to anyone correcting me and helping both of us.


  Diodorus Siculus 18:06 22 Nov 05

Forums - wireless for a beginner - PC Advisor
click here

Try this one

  wobblymike 18:12 22 Nov 05

Guys OK - lets see if I have this right

1. I need to install a PCI wireless card in my PC and another in my son's.

2. I need a router to connect my PC too (is this a normal ,ADSL router?)

Is this right so far?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:21 22 Nov 05
  wobblymike 18:32 22 Nov 05

Fruit Bat /\0/
Thats excellent and exactly what I wanted thanks very much

  wobblymike 18:54 22 Nov 05

Guys having perused the link kindly provided by Fruit Bat /\0/\ it erfers to 801 11b cards. I note that there are lots of 801 11g cards for sale - are they ok to use?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:00 22 Nov 05

Yes a card or wireless 801 11g card will workbetter.

The artical is a couple of years old now.

My system is coupledthis way.

It means the "master" PC with the USB modem needs to be on to allow the other to connect. Quite usefull if you need tolimit access for children, you can just disconnect shut down the main PC.

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