I need the best free alternative to Skype.

  Triprajul 09:30 04 Feb 14


At my place of work, Skype is blocked. However, I was thinking that perhaps I could download a good free alternative to Skype because perhaps only Skype is blocked at my place of work and not an alternative program. Assuming this, can anyone recommend a really good, free alternative to Skype? I only use Skype for calling my wife for free, computer to computer. I don’t use it for video-conferencing or for any other purpose. A recommendation of the best program for simple free telephone calls would be greatly appreciated.

Finally, does anyone know a simple way to get around a blockage of the Skype set-up file? Every time I try, I get a message that says that the file can’t be downloaded to the server. Is there any possible way around this? Any information given is greatly appreciated.

  compumac 11:49 04 Feb 14

One would assume that if your workplace blocked Skype then in all probability they would also block any alternative. If I was your employer I would be somewhat irked by your attempting to what must be a company directive.

  Graphicool1 12:00 04 Feb 14

Why don't you ask your manager/employer if and or why Skype is being blocked? Then you'll know if it really is or isn't. Also you may find, (if it is) the reasoning behind it.

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:10 04 Feb 14

Deliberately trying to circumvent, such restrictions, could land you in trouble with your employer but, perhaps you don't value your job.

  dacq 22:15 05 Feb 14

Bistri.com works well for people with slower connections, like 3G. There is no need to install any extra software because it uses Flash or a WebRTC-compliant browser. It automatically selects the video size and has a very quick registration process. It also uses https so you calls are encrypted. Their customer service is excellent too.

Click on the big red arrow to select your webcam. Right-click the screen centre and you will see the picture it is taking. Ensure that your account name is long enough otherwise it doesn’t progress.

  dacq 22:23 05 Feb 14

A WebRTC-compliant browser like Firefox 18, Opera 18 or Chrome 23.

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