DARIO_909 11:11 11 Feb 09

Hi guys, wondered if anyone could help me out with this topic. i have a toshiba laptop, p160. for some reason, unbeknown to me, when i put the laptop in hibernate, or it goes idle because i havent used it, i lose the sound. so, i.e im listening to music on itunes (for arguments sake) i get disturbed, go downstairs, do whatever. lets say, after an hour, i go back to ym laptop, but its now in hibernation, so i wake it up by continuing to use it, but............there is no sound!!! in order to get sound back, i need to restart comp, which is not ideal. anyone have any ideas? ive tried troubleshooting the toshiba website, but to no avail. im running windows vista, which came on the machine.



  User-1229748 15:24 11 Feb 09

have you got sp1 on vista? and are your microsoft and windows updates up to date? has it just started happening? if so it could be an update that has caused it which will mean uninstalling the updates since it started happening and then reinstalling one by one to find out which one is causing it.

  DARIO_909 15:50 11 Feb 09


Hi there,

when an update is due, vista prompts me, and i just accept, (this maybe my downfall) but back to the issue, it has been happening since day zero. just never bothered to do anything about it, until now. you have any ideas of what i can try? ive noticed that if i lock ym pc, then go away, then come back to it, after, say and hour, then the sound is fine, but if i leave it, say to go into hiberantion mode or sleep or whatever, then come back and toggle the mouse to bring it back to life again, the sound has gone. strange eh? im sure theres a sinple fix, but for the life of me, cant find one on the net, so thought id try here.

Any Ideas?


  User-1229748 16:07 11 Feb 09

you could try installing the drivers from the toshiba drivers site as sometimes they can be older but be more compatible to your specific machine.

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