I keep getting a rude message onscreen

  Shark boy 18:19 06 Oct 09

hi ppz,

I have written this help request cos of a dodgy onscreen message, that contains rude remarks on it. It is a message from Kaspersky asking me about an address mask. I have only downloaded a few files lately, all have been clean, and I have given the PC a full system scan twice with the latest updates. It keeps popping up randomly and doesn't stop. I don't want my little kids seeing it!

To see the screenshot I took, click here . Thanks!

PS, I cant find the files I downloaded.


Shark Boy

  mooly 18:24 06 Oct 09

What antivirus/security are you using.
Maybe try something like malwarebytes etc that many on here favour and do a full scan.
Also run disk cleanup and also clear all IE files (if using IE) from the IE toobar, tools, internet options, delete browsing history.
Do that first.

  Shark boy 18:26 06 Oct 09

Im usin kaspersky internet security 2009 - ive done it all!

Im gettin a new message

it is the same,

exceot the web address is

click here

any ideas?

  mooly 18:26 06 Oct 09

click here

  Shark boy 18:33 06 Oct 09

i used this last night

it turned up as clean.

wot now???

  mooly 18:48 06 Oct 09

Have you cleaned up the disk, temp files etc ?
Dunno otherwise.
If something was lurking in system restore could that do it ? Maybe delete restore points.
Why not ask Kaspersky ? They must have support for a full package like your running.

  mooly 18:50 06 Oct 09

Found this,
click here

  Shark boy 18:38 09 Oct 09


after checking my pc with windows defender today, it found two variants of 'TrojanDownloader:Win32/Renos.JM' which I removed. It came up saying it couldn't remove one, so I found the file and scanned it with VirusTotal. I got 18 saying it was a virus and 23 not. Kaspersky said it wasnt a virus. So what should I do?

  rdave13 19:10 09 Oct 09

Any reference to CiD?

Try superantispyware, free version, update and run in safemode.

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