I keep getting emails! Is this common?

  theDarkness 13:33 03 Feb 10

lol. they are labelled as "from" any one of my real friends. the "to" section of the email is usually addressed to me (so I would think its genuine), but sometimes its addressed to another one of my friends, and not me at all! I can get these emails in both yahoo and hotmail. heres an example, which i received today, rather confusingly in my yahoo inbox! :-

from "[email protected]"
to "[email protected]"

"Hey How are you doing? ,I ordered one white 3gs apple iphone from one good website click here , much cheaper but brand new ,and genuine , You can check it if you would like . Cheers"

I scan my computer for viruses/malware, its fine. Most people I know do not use Outlook, which can be prone to problems, but either something is stealing my contacts (or my friends contacts on their pc), or its a hotmail/yahoo issue- a new type of spam perhaps. has anyone had anything similar in their email recently? thanks

  ol blueeyes 13:43 03 Feb 10

When trying to log on to your "Click Here" am told

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

  johndrew 13:54 03 Feb 10

These sound like typical spam to me. I have received quite a bit with the @hotmail.com suffix and it appears to be generally associated with some sites selling on details when registering recent buys.

The use of "friend" gets around a multitude of filters, all you can do is apply a filter for it yourself.

  theDarkness 13:57 03 Feb 10

dont click!! thats part of the scam emails ive been sent - I just entered click here, its just pcadvisor that doesnt show the ------!

youre not meant to click it, and i wouldnt have put the real address i received in my email up anyway, as it would link to some scam website. i did a google, its seems these emails might be a problem with hotmail or outlook express, my friends accounts may have been hacked, as i dont use hotmail. it seems contacts may be deleted after all the scam messages are sent out (eg to all of my friends contacts)...
click here

you can click on the "click here" above! ;)

  theDarkness 13:57 03 Feb 10

"I just entered click "www . ----- . com"

  provider 2 13:59 03 Feb 10

I think one of your friends` contact list has been hacked and the spammer is using it to send these e-mails.

I had a similar sort of thing happen some time ago when I was getting these e-mails written in an odd type of English with special offers and no VAT from a company that I`d never heard of (arimahk. c ...etc.).

I thought it was a hotmail/yahoo issue that had now been resolved but perhaps not. Google a bit and see if it`s still a problem

  provider 2 14:01 03 Feb 10

Oops ... must learn to type faster.

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