I have two winlogon.exe in task manager, what should I do?

  ClayStevens 11:09 17 Jul 14

I've actually had around two for around a month now. It initially started about a month back when I noticed around 7 of them (even though the only user is me). I did a system restore and it got fixed, but then later I noticed two of them. Which seem to have been coming and going for about a month now, both are called winlogon.exe, both are located in system32 and they seem to both have exactly the same stats in properties, the only difference being the PID size (I don't know what that means) where one is a couple of thousand higher.

So far I have tried a full malwarebytes scan, a full kaspersky scan, a full avg scan (in safe mod) and I have tried several system restores but they came back clean and there is still two instances of it. Sometimes there is only one, but it seems to be a 50/50 scenario, sometimes I can log in and there will just be one of them. I am very paranoid now, so help is very much appreciated.

I have been logging into my valuable accounts on a spare laptop in the meantime until I know (this) my main laptop is clean.

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