i have a trojan virus

  neosimz 16:02 30 Jul 03

i am unable to delete a trojan virus on my pc , my antivirus wont delete it , i cant delete it manually and i have tried everything to delete it . Its been on my pc for 3 weeks now and i have tries everything and im getting really frustrated . Does anybody know how i can delete it because i cant delete the virus

  Jester2K II 16:05 30 Jul 03

What is it called and why can't AVG delete it?

Is it in a folder called c:\Restore_something??

  hugh-265156 16:24 30 Jul 03

this is good click here

  neosimz 17:05 30 Jul 03

its in my windows file and its in system32

  Jester2K II 17:10 30 Jul 03

What is it called?

Is your AV up to date?

Have you gone into Safe Mode and done a full system scan?

  Jester2K II 17:11 30 Jul 03

Try AVG click here FREE as they've been adding loads of trojans to their database recently.

  dave h 17:35 30 Jul 03

If your virus is called -


It can be detected by Detected by Trend PC-cillin 2002.

Visit the Trend site and they have an on line removal facility for it.

Strangely enough, when My Aussie friend had it (July 6th ) there was not trace of it on any other anti virus site (Symantec or McAfee)!

  neosimz 18:31 30 Jul 03

I run AVG and i found the virus but i was unable to put it in the virus vault because it said access to this file is disabled or something the virus is a " trojan horse PSW.sclog " thats what it says in virus vault

  neosimz 18:59 30 Jul 03

can anybody help

  VoG II 19:14 30 Jul 03

Sounds like click here

Try an on-line scan at click here then follow the above instructions.

  uskfisherman 19:40 30 Jul 03

I had the identical problem to you except I had three. I eventually found the in restore archive. All I did was go to search something like restore archive Trojan The three appeared quickly and I cleared them by wiping on BC Wipe. It really was that easy.

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