I have someone else's network as well

  cowgirl66 18:44 19 Feb 09

Hi, I set up my wireless network connection yesterday with Sky and was shocked to see I also have a LiveBox-6300 connection there too in my Network Connetions. There is no signal from it and even if there were I woulnd't use it. In fact I'm trying to think who in my neighbourhood uses Orange Broadband.

What worries me more is that, if I can see theirs, can they likewise see mine and are they getting a signal from it? I am still a little concerned as to how secure I have made my wireless setup. I have changed the logon password to my router settings but not the Network Key which is still the one Sky provided me with.

Regards cowgirl66

  cowgirl66 18:45 19 Feb 09

P.S. I have WPA-PSK encryption not WEP

  Technotiger 18:47 19 Feb 09

Don't worry, your connection is secure. Your neighbours is not! They cannot see what you are doing, nor use your signal.

  kindly 18:47 19 Feb 09

If you have security set up on your router to "wep" or "wpa" then you will be fine. It does not matter that anyone can see your network. What matters is they cannot conect to it. If you want to be totally unseen, then untick the "broadcast my SSD" then this will hide you.
If you do a google search for hiding your network you might find better ways to do it.
Hope this helps you.

  Technotiger 18:51 19 Feb 09

click here

As you can see from this, WPA-PSK is more secure than WEP.

  cowgirl66 18:58 19 Feb 09

Thank you both, that's put my mind at rest. And Technotiger, thanks for the link too; I shall be reading that as it looks very informative.

Bye, cowgirl66

  kindly 18:59 19 Feb 09

Cheers Technotiger. It is an interesting site. Not seen it before.

  Technotiger 19:03 19 Feb 09

You are both welcome. Cheers.

  rawprawn 19:04 19 Feb 09

As I mentioned yesterday with WPA you are secure.
The chances are that the other networks you can see are also secure, but they usually say "Security Enabled Network" unless they are simple WEP in which case it may not say.
I can see 5 other network connections on mine all of my neighbours.
In my options I can choose not to show other Networks, I don't know about Sky.

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