I have to press F2 to open up.

  1936 09:47 03 Jan 09

When I switch my computer on it gets as far as the screen filling with text which at the bottom has the words, "Press F2 to open" or what ever.
Someone sugested it was the CMOS battery but the date and time clock are working.

  birdface 10:08 03 Jan 09

Try safe mode.Keep tapping f8 as the computer starts[or F5]And try a system restore or last good configuration.That is of course if it starts.

  brundle 10:10 03 Jan 09

It a BIOS message, nothing to do with Windows. Press F1 to go into the BIOS, press Escape and choose Save These Settings and Exit.

  brundle 10:10 03 Jan 09

It's a BIOS message, nothing to do with Windows. Press F1 to go into the BIOS, press Escape and choose Save These Settings and Exit.

  1936 19:41 07 Jan 09

I pressed F1 and what I seem to remember as a DOS screen came up with "Phoenix - Award BIOS CMOS setup utility" came up.
I could not see, "escape" anwhere so did I misunderstand your instructions?

  isca2 21:18 07 Jan 09

The Escape key top left on keyboard !

  brundle 00:07 08 Jan 09

What iscanut said...

  1936 18:50 10 Jan 09

Many thanks for the help. I have followed the instructions and for the better part most of the folders now show four small pictures. I found that when I tried the stubborn ones they were not changing because somehow or other some crafty folders or sub-folders had sneaked in to them.
I moved them to the desktop closed the main folder and then moved the sub-folders back and I could get them to then show the four pictures.
However, what ever I do there are still some folders that will not show four pictures. I can get them to show one picture but not four so any more advice would be very much appreciated.

  Sea Urchin 00:00 11 Jan 09

Don't understand what your last posting has to do with CMOS batteries and pressing F1 etc - maybe you meant to post to another of your threads?

  1936 00:10 11 Jan 09

Sea Urchin, you are absolutely right. I have a few little problems running at the moment and one is as set out above where some of my photograph folders refuse to show the four little photographs although they will show just one large one and that thread is running elswhere.

As for the "having to press F2". That problem is running on a friends computer and I am going round there Monday to try out the solutions above.

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