I have an old laptop hard-disk, how can i use that to my laptop

  srinivas_sree 29 May 13

I bought a new hard-disk and fixed it in my dell laptop and using that from quite some time, I bought an external hard-disk case, Now i want to change my old hard-disk into my laptop and want to use my new hard-disk which am currently using as an external hard-disk, I've some materials and bookmarks, contacts that are saved in my new hard-disk which has windows7 installed, Is that possible to get all these bookmarks and contacts, materials which are in C drive of my new-disk if i change this hard-disk as an external one ?? Can anyone tell how to use the external hard disk. Thanks.

  lotvic 29 May 13

I presume you have a bootable OS on both harddrives? so it's just a matter of swapping them over? Your materials, are these your personal files in Documents folder? documents folders for both drives can be accessed through Windows Explorer.

You need to have the programs needed to open them installed on the drive you boot from.

You don't say which Browser you are using. You can Export your Bookmarks to a HTML file (this makes a copy of them that can be opened in any browser) and save the file to any location you want - ext harddrive, C drive My Documents, usb flash drive.

Also same principle for your contacts, make a backup copy (you haven't said what email clients are involved)

You can Import the Bookmarks to the browser, and Import the Contacts to mail client on the boot harddrive.

Note: I have two harddrives one with XP and one with W7 that I interchange cables to boot from and all files are accessible. (if I boot to XP I can access all the files on W7 harddrive and vice-versa)

  srinivas_sree 30 May 13



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