I have just received a warning

  Noels 08:32 29 Sep 05

Which I believe to be genuine from an ex colleage and long time friend about a very malicious virus being spread via e-mails. Headed something like 9/11, 9/11 survivor, World Trade Centre, WTC or something similar. My friend says another friend of his received an e-mail with one of these headings, opened it and was infected with this virus and cannot now open his computer??? I'm not an expert so don't know if this is possible or even a leg pull, until I can verify thie information but thought I would pass it on for what its worth. If there has already been a post on this subject I apologise.

Regards to all Noels

  Graham ® 08:37 29 Sep 05

Chances are your friend has you in his email address book, and the mail is the result of a virus. Do not open it, it is guaranteed to be malicious.

Contact your friend by phone to do a virus check.

  Catastrophe 08:38 29 Sep 05

If you are asked to forward the information it is almost certainly a hoax. There are other threads.


  Noels 09:00 29 Sep 05

You may just be right it has all the looks of a hoax but until I can veryfy it with my friend I will take the cautious approach.

Regards Noels

  anchor 09:11 29 Sep 05
  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:55 29 Sep 05

All these so called 'genuine' emails are total rubbish and just spread unwarranted paranoia. Have a look here for guidance....click here or just type 'email hoaxes' into Google.


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