I have an IE7 browsing question.

  gazzaho 05:53 06 Jan 09

When I left click on a link in Favorites Center, you know the drop down list accessed by clicking the star at the top left? IE7 always opens the link in a new tab instead of the same one, is there any way to prevent this happening? I only want to open new tabs when I choose to do so, but I can't seem to find an options setting to adjust it, perhaps a registry setting will do the trick, though I'm damed if I know where to look.

This has always happened on this new 32 bit Vista machine of mine, it never worked this way on my old XP machine nor on my notebook, does anyone have solution I could try?

  ^wave^ 08:32 06 Jan 09

yes go to tools internet options then look at tabs and go to settings

  ened 08:49 06 Jan 09

I had a look at that earlier on but couldn't see which box to tick.

However I have never changed anything in there (and I don't have your problem) so if you click on Restore Defaults it should do the trick.

  gazzaho 11:08 06 Jan 09

Thanks for the replies but as I've said none of the settings in "options" work!

Hi ened the tabs options "are" at default settings and ticking any of the options in there doesn't alter the way it works now, I've tried them all at one time or another. As I've said I think it must be somewhere in the registry but I'm not confident enough to go changing that for fear of screwing things up worse, I know to back it up before changing things but without knowing which key or keys to change I'd be shooting in the dark.

  ened 12:59 06 Jan 09

If you can remember when this strated can you possibly do a System Restore to before?

  ened 13:08 06 Jan 09

Sorry - just re-read the bottom of your question!

  ened 13:09 06 Jan 09

If you have the installation disc you could try repairing IE.

  Kaacee 15:03 06 Jan 09

Not quite sure what you are trying to achieve here, as i understand it, once you put a link into favourites and then go there to oen that link, surely it will always open the link as if you had just gone into that site etc. in other words, if i do a search for PCA and then click onto the site it is no different than sacing PCA in my fvourites and clicking on from there.

Or am i missing the point here.

  ened 15:44 06 Jan 09

If I click on a page in the History, which is accessed by clicking on the Gold Star underneath File, it opens in the tab currently open.

When gazzaho does it it opens a new tab.

As I said before I have never made any changes top my set up therefore I assume mine is the default way.

  Ex plorer 16:03 06 Jan 09

gazzaho, clicking on history or Favorites mine also opens in the same page and not a new one.

If you want to open in a new tab first right click the Tab-bar and then (New-Tab) and then History or Favorites and it will open in the blank Tab. This is with Fire fox however.

  DieSse 16:09 06 Jan 09

Have a look here
click here

which tells you how to modify the registry to open Favorites in a new window.

Then just have a look to see if you've got any changes in this area in your registry.

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