I have an HP DV8025EA wifi enabled......but.......

  R-G-C 18:46 13 Jul 06

Hi, I guess this will be the simplest question ever asked here but, that's me.
I have a Pavilion, (currently wired up using a BT Voyager105 modem)which is wifi enabled (picks up upstaires networks) but what do I buy to link it to the outside world. Mooching eBay, all I seem to find are devices that plug into both the laptop & modem. Am I right in thinking that I don't need the parts that plug into my computer? What are the devices called that utilise a computer that is already wifi equiped/enabled?
Additionally,what should I be looking out for, & what are the pitfalls/manufacturers to avoide, etc?
Many thanks, sorry this does not streach yer brains...!

  ade.h 18:51 13 Jul 06

Okay, one thing at a time for this one: firstly, are you a cable or ADSL broadband customer?

  R-G-C 18:54 13 Jul 06

Hi, sorry AOL (!) 8Meg BB via BT standard home line

  ade.h 19:07 13 Jul 06

Okay, so you need an ADSL modem/router. I'll give you links to the three models that I prefer to install for friends/clients/relatives/etc.

Back in a mo'.

  ade.h 19:10 13 Jul 06

By the way: could you tell me whether you wish to stream large multimedia files across the network, what the walls of your house are like and whether it's a large house?

  R-G-C 19:17 13 Jul 06

Hi, cheers for all your help on this. I have very few demands on it I guess. Live in a flat, (normal single brick width walls) & happy to plug back in via wire should I need to download much. Really wanted a cost effective & reliable device!
Security is the only other need, oh & simple!!

  ade.h 19:43 13 Jul 06

That saves some expense with boosted propietary wireless standards (and saves me having to expain them!) click here (ignore the free USB adapter; you don't need it, but to buy the nearest equivalent without it actually costs more) click here or click here (better than the 7633).

  R-G-C 22:29 13 Jul 06

Ta for those recommendations, I will track one of them down. Always better to know a device works well.
Much appreciated.
It's clear that you help out plenty on this board.
Ta a lot!
Will let you know how I get on.

  ade.h 22:33 13 Jul 06

Happy to help!

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