I have a big problem

  mr_mumbo 19:32 27 Apr 05

After about 5 minutes of logging on, all my shortcuts stop workin and i cant open any programs, i cant get task manager, or IE, wen i clik turn off it asks me if i want to end now on all these programs, i guess they are on system but i cant see them, any advise on what i shud do, also system restore aint working anymore

  Cuddles 19:42 27 Apr 05

Firstly what operating system are you running.

  Kate B 19:46 27 Apr 05

A bit more info on your system - how old is it, what's the processor, how much ram, what operating system - would produce some more specific answers but first thing: boot in safe mode and see if the same thing happens.

If you haven't got antispyware download and run as a matter of urgency Adaware, Spybot Search & Destroy and A Squared, and the Microsoft anti-spyware beta, too. Links are all here:
click here

I hope you're also running a firewall which most people (not all here, but that's another issue) believe is important to stop nasties passing between your computer and the net.

Post back and let us know how you get on. If you've got all that stuff up and running, tell us and we'll scratch our collective head a bit more.

  woodchip 19:59 27 Apr 05

Try starting in Safe Mode see if it runs and leave it running if it does for a bit to check it F5 or F8 keep pressing as the computer boots

  mr_mumbo 20:04 27 Apr 05

is a tiny g900 i fink, got it a christmas, 1GB RAM, is window XP, just found out i cant install anyfing cause it wont make shortcuts, on every program i try to install it stops on the creating shortcuts. so without task manager it stays there,
another fing, in the toolbar on bottom right in screen i can see windows task manager but i cant do anything with it, ill try safe mode

  mr_mumbo 20:20 27 Apr 05

comp froze wen i tried safe mode, cant install my norton antivirus or internet security, it gets stuck on making shortcuts

  woodchip 20:24 27 Apr 05

If you have a full OS disc I would say load it over the top

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