I have a baffling sound problem.

  edenworkshops 02 Nov 12


For some time my PC sound had become distorted and impossible to listen to.

I had been putting the PC sound output through a seperate stereo amplifier which is what I first suspected, so I replaced the stereo with a set of PC desktop speakers with a built in amplifier...and I still had the distortion problem, which pointed to the onboard sound card.

So I got a cheap PCI sound card and installed it.

For a week or so everything was fine, but then it slowly began to distort again until now when its as bad as before.

Any ideas please?

Thank you.


  rdave13 02 Nov 12

I'm suspicious of your PSU failing - but slowly. You don't mention your OS or PC.

Try disconnecting every usb peripheral you have, then boot up and try playing CDs or web sounds again. Run for a few hours via CD or DVD and/ or something like YouTube. If all ok then I suggest a new PSU.

  edenworkshops 02 Nov 12

By PSU do you mean Power Supply Unit, the PC is about 3 years old.

I cant disconnect every usb device, I have a usb keyboard and mouse.

Is that a problem?

Thank you.


  edenworkshops 02 Nov 12

Sorry I forgot to add.

I am running win xp


  rdave13 02 Nov 12

Do not disconnect keyboard and mouse if USB. If you have ps/2 connections at the back, do you have the original keyboard and mouse to connect using the ps/2 connections? Only disconnect usb mouse/keyboard when PC off. Connect ps/2 mouse/keyboard when PC off then reboot. Make sure no other peripheral, such as a USB hub/printer/webcam, etc, is connected. See if that makes any difference to your sound output.

  edenworkshops 03 Nov 12


I did as you said and disconnected the mouse and keyboard when the PC was off, and reconnected with a ps2 mouse and keyboard, all other usb devices were disconnected.

I rebooted and tried a movie, but the sound was still distorted and broken.


  rdave13 03 Nov 12

As it's a new card I don't think it's a connection problem. Doubt it is a driver problem as it gets gradually worse over time. You could try updating the driver though. Nothing happening like freezing or rebooting randomly at times?

  edenworkshops 05 Nov 12

I will try to find a driver for the sound card....how do I install it...does it come as an .exe?

No freezing or random rebooting.

I have quite long periods, say 10 minutes when the sound is fine, then it distorts for a minute, then goes back to normal.



  rdave13 05 Nov 12

The only thing I can think of is that there might be a poor connection somewhere inside the PC and causes interference now and again. Worth checking all connections are sound.

Is there a pattern to this distortion? Long shot, but could be something running, like a freezer or fridge, cutting in and creating interference. Otherwise I'm stumped.


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