I have an Audigy 2 problem ;-(

  acemark 13:19 28 Apr 03

Hello folks, I just got an Audigy 2 sound card and put it in my system, started it up, and when I went to install the software I got a message saying that the card is not installed (ie. not there). So, I went to creative's web site to download drivers from there and did their search to find a suitable one, same problem (the site does a search of my system) "no creative product" detected. That's odd, huh? Anyway I've been into all the control panel programs and there it is "functioing correctly". I've obviously, checked that the card is properly installed physically in my system (I even tried it in my wife's pc, same story) I've disabled my mobo's onboard sounds too. System is: p4 3.0 gig cpu, Asus p4g8x mobo, 1 gig ddr ram. Is it possible the card is faulty? or is it a configuration issue? Any one know, or had similar problems?

  Mysticnas 13:30 28 Apr 03

strange. i have the platinum version of that card. well same card just with a front drive.

have you enabled the card from the contol panel?

have you tried any other sound cards?

if it come up with the same problem in another pc then i would assum it's the card and not the PC's.

  acemark 13:50 28 Apr 03

Hi m8, yes I have tried the control panel thing, and mine is a platnium, same as yours. Good point with tying another card in my system, my wife's got a platinum 5.1 Live, I could try that ;-) personally I think the cards a duff one though. Cheers.

  acemark 13:39 17 Jul 03

Yup, it was a duff one. My retailer exchanged it and now it works :-)

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