I have accidentally 'Cut' three photos. Where are they?

  muddypaws 03 Feb 12

Basic question: In copying/pasting dozens of photos I have 'cut' instead of 'copied' three photos. I assumed they might have gone to the bin, but no trace there. Can I find them somewhere? They are not very important pictures, but just curious. I was viewing them in XP Home SP3 Picture and Fax viewer. They are still showing there even when I scroll past and back again so I haven't closed the window. They are/were on my external drive that has no restore point, and is the only location for this particular folder. I do have other C drive clones, but not with this one folder in.


  muddypaws 03 Feb 12

It was a silly question. They were still on my mouse right click, luckily. Apologies.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 03 Feb 12

still in program memory so use - File - save as - to resave to your ext drive.

they will acutally still e on the drive its just that windows will have wiped the first letter of the file name so windows can not now see them and will use the space they occupy for other files.

A recovery program like Recuva (often on this mags cover dvds) wcan recover the files.. provided it is used before widows writes mor files to the drive and overwrites the space occupied by the file.

  muddypaws 03 Feb 12

Fruit Bat /\0/\ Thanks for that. I do use Recuva, but as per my last post I recovered them from the 'mouse' Now have that folder backed up on to two more drives.

  ton 03 Feb 12

"I recovered them from the mouse"

That must be the clipboard then.


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