I have 30 zip folders do I really need them all

  justkevin 23:27 29 Mar 07

doing a search I found I had 30 zip folders ,do I just keep the latest folders and delete the rest as they appear in different drives

  woodchip 23:33 29 Mar 07

What do you mean by Zip Folders? I have heard of Zip Files but not Folders. You can also Zip several Files But that's all they are is a Zip.file

Do you know what is in them?

  justkevin 00:22 30 Mar 07

Hi no I can't open them,there are Winzip Folders x 7
Winzip Icons x 8
Winzip 8.1 x 3
Winzip 9 x 2
WinZip90 x 1
Winzip 32 x 2
Uninstal Winzip x 5
Winzip QuickPick x 1

  zlatan24 15:19 05 Apr 07

You can use [url=click here]zip recovery[/url]. It know how backup corrupted zip files, archives.

  skidzy 15:52 05 Apr 07

Can you access the folders/files through safemode ?

Im guessing you have downloaded some zipped files and possibly duplicated entries have been created.

Before you delete these,you really need to know whats in them.I doubt they are important but might just be some files you need to save.

  woodchip 22:32 05 Apr 07

Two way's you can look into a Zip, One I use is Quickview Plus, the other is PowerDesk program.

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