i hate xp

  amandawho 22:56 24 May 03

hiya, can u please tell me how to downgrade from WinXP.. ?

  powerless 22:59 24 May 03

Did you upgrade?

Is this a new computer that came with Windows XP?

Do you have another Operating System on a Dsic?

  DieSse 22:59 24 May 03

Save all your work and settings - reformat your drive, and install an earlier operating system.

If you want my personal opinion though, a retrograde step.

  hugh-265156 23:01 24 May 03

keep it.just click controlpanel/system/advanced/visualeffects and tick adjust for best performance.

then click controlpanel/display/apperance under windows and buttons select windows classic style.

  amandawho 23:06 24 May 03

i knew someone would say that.. "If you want my personal opinion though, a retrograde step." thanks, but im So annoyed with XP. im lost in navigating.. and (no virtue of patience here, lol)

I have purchased a computer with XP already installed and i have No software with it, whatever. i dont have another system on disk.. can i get it online?

  mikef™ 23:09 24 May 03

As huggyg71 choose classical style then the navigation will be the same as you are used to.

  amandawho 23:09 24 May 03

i have "toys" as well.. that wont run with XP. another reason i want another win

  Djohn 23:11 24 May 03

Have a little patience with it, It's an excellent O/S, once you find your way round. Although it is a little intolerant with some versions of programs. J.

  powerless 23:12 24 May 03

I'm sorry to say that you cannot download a Windows Operating system from the internet. Your going to have to buy one.

But if you have a warranty etc then i think you will void it as you paid for it with XP and not another operating system.

  bab5 23:14 24 May 03


You could pop down to PC world and pick up a copy of Win ME, or indeed look at the adverts in PC mag's(first stop PCA) this would give you your OS,

But bear in mind you would need to find all your drivers e.g modem, sound card etc etc first and bung them onto a CD-R before you reformat your system,

Also try finding out what hardware you have installed, motherboard, grahics card etc to make sure you have got the right ones


  amandawho 23:14 24 May 03

ive made it through to a classic appearance.. looks normal now <smiles>

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