i got secondhand pc with xp but illigal can i.....

  nopulse 22:02 30 Mar 05

my pc is secondhand it didnt come with much and was dead cheap. it had win98 sticker on front but is running a dodgy copy of xp pro. i was after a new xp home/pro thinking i could over install the fake one but after reading someone elses discussion im stuck. do i need a full version of xp or just a part install or am i gonna need a new drive to install the new one?

my own fault for asking if the pc had the winxp cd when i bought it i know.

  howard60 22:14 30 Mar 05

there is nothing stopping you installing a genuine copy over the pirate. If you have a cd of win 98 or me you can get the upgrade. XP upgrade should ask for the previous cd when you install it.

  shizzy 22:19 30 Mar 05

If you have the CD and send it to Microsoft telling them where and how you got it, I think they have a scheme where they replace it with a genuine copy.

  nopulse 22:27 30 Mar 05

ive no software cds for the programs that were on this pc when i got it most of the software i deleted and replaced. so if i get a full copy of xp does that me i have to clean my drive or do i just install xp straight onto it???

  Chegs ® 00:37 31 Mar 05

If you try to install XP Home over XP Pro,it might state that the Windows already on the PC is "newer" than the version your trying to load.Still not a prob tho',just bung the CD in,boot from it,and press "R" to repair,it will look for other windows versions and ask if you wish to delete it(pressing "L" I think)and off you go.

  DieSse 00:39 31 Mar 05

It would be much better to delete everything and start again - then you can be sure that no strange remnants from the old version will be around.

Also you will be sure you've got the latest version with SP2, and it will update correctly. Pirated versions can have some very odd "fixes" inside them, which are not always easy to get rid of just by reloading windows.

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