I got hit with the annoying, hassling M$ WGA crap!

  mesmd 06:41 25 Sep 06


I got tricked into letting those cheap, selfish, snakes at M$ automatically install critical updates. For my trust, those alley-rats installed their,"WGA" PIRACY EVALUATOR OF THEIR WIN XP SOFTWARE. IT MAKES allegations that you are using counterfeit and pirated software, inspite of my genuime authentication 3 years ago!! What a group of odious pernicious swine!!

Question: I have re-authenticated and the popups and accusations have stopped, however, I would like to remove evey bit of that uninvited piece of spyware (WGA) that M$ has installed. Other than "Removewga.exe", do you know of a different program to remove WGA? Do you believe, I should just leave it alone since it may not activate its ugly face again?
Although, I have 3 other computers on my home network, I am sure that their day will come with the same popups to re-authenticate and removing it from them now may spare me the trouble later?



  CurlyWhirly 06:56 25 Sep 06
  johnnyrocker 07:27 25 Sep 06

duff link, i do not see the problem with wga it is a necessary evil in my opinion brought on by the less than honest factions that there are about these days.


  Andsome 08:40 25 Sep 06

No bother here whatsoever. I agree with johnyrocker.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:01 25 Sep 06

You nee to get a grip as you are writing utter, paranoid rubbish and I suspect that you wrote it whilst under the influence and somewhat emotionally disturbed. /eyes raise


  martjc 09:44 25 Sep 06

...on the other machines. It works!

mesmd, I sympathise with you, unlike some of the earlier posters who don't seem to understand that SOME of us unwittingly buy machines that do not have genuine XP [no matter how real it seems]. That's down to the supplier, not the customer and in my book Uncle Bill and friends should not penalise the customer!

WGA! Rubbish!!

  jbaker65 10:25 25 Sep 06

I agree with the sentiments about not using pirate software, BUT, I have a legal, legitimate copy of Windows XP with service pack 2 which I bought sealed and unused with a certificate of authenticity and Uncle Bill tells me that my OS is illegal. So Gandalf, maybe mesmd is not paranoid but just another victim of Uncle Bills mistaken spies.

  Stuartli 11:15 25 Sep 06

It's well known that even genuine copies of XP are rated as not authentic by WGA.

It can be disabled or removed as required. Also see:

click here

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