I Don't Need This-- Virus

  spuds 11:09 26 Apr 04

Recently I have posted problems with my computers slowness and general inefficiency. Having done all the necessary checks with safety and security devices, I was given the all clear, but the problems persisted. Downloaded the latest version of Stinger from here click here and ran a check, what did it find, well the Blaster worm, which it dealt with.

I use and always have recommended AVG, but why did it miss this virus. I have always kept my daily checks for updates on all my safety/security programmes, including those patches from Microsoft that I am notified about. I am also in the habit of using the manual checking and run facilities on a regular basis were necessary.

The problem for the time being as been solved, but Why should it have happened in the first place. I am now considering changing to Bull Guard or some other recommended anti virus. What do you suggest!.

  Bazz2000 11:41 26 Apr 04

I use Norton systemworks. Never had a problem personally. You have to pay for it but its worth it. You get 12 months free virus definition updates with it too.

  stlucia 12:43 26 Apr 04

The obvious question is, is your AVG up to date, and had you disabled the Windows restore functionality? My AVG free version detected and dealt with the Blaster virus for me a couple of months ago.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:51 26 Apr 04

blaster was such a fast spreader that most AVs missed it. It also exploited a loophole in outlook which did not help. Any AV is only as good as the speed in which it is updated and Blaster can hit a computer that has only been on the net for seconds. Blaster is easy to remove and the problems it causes are minor.

If you had downloaded the MS security update that was released 3 months prior to Blaster you would have been OK. ;-))


  spuds 22:12 26 Apr 04

Thanks folks for the replies.As I previously stated, I have always tried to keep on top of all updates, but somewhere along the line I missed the Microsoft patch. How this as happened, I do not know, as I run a update check on a regular basis, and let Microsoft inform me if I have any patches etc missing.I am still podering how AVG didn't find the virus on my manual checks.

Now I must kick the computer,write 200 times 'I must not miss updates', and carry on with life (;o))

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:57 26 Apr 04

Half the IT wallahs in the world missed the patch as well, so you are in hallowed company (at least you did not get your P45 or downgraded ;-) ). :-)))


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