I can't view some pictures as thumbnail

  squish 20:43 07 Oct 05

I can't view some pictures in my pictures as thumbnails and get message 'no preview available' when I try to open picture. The picture is there somewhere because I can see it in google desktop, it seems an attribute is missing in these pictures. I can view other pictures OK as thumbnails and in picture viewer. Whathave I done to the affected pictures.

  goffer23 09:12 08 Oct 05

If you view your pics in 'My Pictures'in 'My Documents', as thumbnails, right click and select the option to 'Refresh thumbnails'. This option is not available when viewed as 'List'. Hope that helps

  feb 15:28 08 Oct 05

Hi squish

some file types cannot be viewed as thumbnails

  squish 14:13 09 Oct 05

Thanks Goffer23 & Feb - I Still can't view files even after refreshing. I have viewed and worked with these pictures before but I must have done something to them as I now can't view, print or do anything with them. Yet they are there when I search for them in Google Desktop a small previe comes up.

  goffer23 17:31 09 Oct 05

If you do a search for the files,are you finding them?- what file sizes are you getting? and which program are you attempting to open them with?

  squish 19:31 09 Oct 05

Hi Goofer23 - I'm opening the files from my dic and then my pics. I view as thumbnail but doen't see the thumbnail of the picture. I just see a 'thumbnail with a shaded orande logo' which looks like a sea sunsetscene . if I right click 'open with' I can choose 'MS picture it or windows picture & fax viewer' etc but when I click to view in one of the appropriate programmes it opens but I get a message 'no preview available' If I serch for the picure I get similar results. Even when I can see the4 picture in google desktop and click to open the picture I get the same 'no preview available. All affected picture have the same 'modified date' of Sept 1st. I tried going back to a recovery point before that date but with no luck. I just can't think what I did on Sept 1st ! Thanks for your input so far.

  squish 19:33 09 Oct 05

Oops excuse the 'typos'

  goffer23 23:10 09 Oct 05

No problem with typos!

a)Did you get anywhere with doing a search and seeing detail of file sizes? The reason for re-asking is to see whether your actual pic files are present on your HD or 'by disc' do you mean they are on a CD?

b)Have you got an image editor and have you tried opening them from that?

  squish 08:30 10 Oct 05

Yep done the search and seen file size and there is deffinaitely a large file there on HDD. The pictures I can't see are in the HDD. I only managed to copy some pictures to CD. I think it was during this process that it all went wrong.
I have tried editing the image but again I get no preview available. It's annoying because I can see the actual picture via google desktop! I've even tied emailing the picture tomyself and still no good.
I can still download pictures from my camera and all is well. It's just this batch of pictures I tried to save to CD I can see and of course they are the ones I need most! - Thanks again

  feb 15:51 10 Oct 05

line 17, second column might be the answer.click here

  goffer23 10:22 11 Oct 05

Unfortunately I don't have enough knowledge about thumbnail creation. One thing you might try if feb's idea doesn't work is to try opening one of your rogue pics and save it under a different file name in 'My Pictures' and then try refreshing the thumbnail from there.

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