I can't open anything

  MEF 12:37 08 Jun 04

I can open control panel but nothing inside will
open. The same with My Computer. I'm running Win
ME. All of my file extentions have seemed to have
flowen the coupe. The last thing that was done
before this all happened was that my wife (and yes I'm going to blame her) was downloading the newest ver. of MSN Mess. I have Nortan and it was updated. Any suggestions besides throwing my PC
out the window? :(

  VoG II 12:52 08 Jun 04

Have you tried System Restore?

  rawprawn 13:19 08 Jun 04

Can you get to Last known good configuration in Windows ME when booting?(F8)

  MEF 11:05 15 Jun 04

To Vog and rawprawn, I have tryed both of these
options to no avail and my window on the secon floor is looking much eiaser to deal with than owning computers. : (
I did not mention before but when I reboot I end
up with the white screen that says restore my active desktop which it will (sometimes and thats after a few trys) but again nothing but mycomputer will open.
I have not worked on it for a few days now but I'm going to try a few minutes today 6/15.
I hope someone can come up with something.
If not, well thanks for trying anyhow.

  AndySD 11:17 15 Jun 04
  MEF 10:39 23 Jun 04

I have not tryed your idea AndySD. there is also a message I recieve over the white screen
saying that "Exploer has caused a fault in OLE32.dll".
Oh and thanks AndySD that idea just might work on my laptop.

  AndySD 11:16 23 Jun 04

Go to Add/Remove Programs and click on Microsoft Internet Explorer and click Remove (IE5.5 or 6 only) you will get the option to Repair...try it..if it doesnt work then try reinstalling Internet Explorer off a magazine cd.

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