I cant log out again

  Newuser38 21:43 10 Apr 05

Its happening again. I cannot log out of the site using the log out.
Any ideas what is happening anyone?

  VoG II 21:45 10 Apr 05

Close your browser - that will do it.

  Newuser38 21:58 10 Apr 05

Thanks. That is what I did yesterday, but I also had to disconnect from the net.
I think this has happened in the last 2 days when I have used 'My Postings' to enter the site.
Am I ,or my pc doing something wrong? Never happened in the last 4 years.

  Newuser38 22:07 10 Apr 05

Thanks VOG
I also had to disconnect from the net before the whole thing cleared yesterday. It seems to have happened because I have accessed the site via 'My Postings'It has never happened before in the last 4 years and very regular access to the site. Am I or my PC in the wrong.?

  Newuser38 22:10 10 Apr 05

It looked as though the 1st one had not gone. Sorry.

  Newuser38 22:18 10 Apr 05

Thanks VOG. I just posted that twice, by accident, also asking why this is happening. I have never had a problem with the site before. Is it me or my PC?

  Newuser38 22:36 10 Apr 05

Closing the browser did not work. Going off line did. All my access was going back to what must have been a posting I did earlier today. When I did log out.
Brandy needed see you all tomorrow d.g.

  Graham ® 09:51 11 Apr 05

This is often caused by your local exchange not releasing the link to your ISP. So, even though you disconnected at your end, the link remains held until it times out.

As there will be many such links, it may be just one 'faulty' one, which should be picked up by the diagnostics at the exchange.

Should it occur frequently, raise a fault with your ISP, as it may affect any usage limits you have.

  Newuser38 19:07 11 Apr 05

Thanks Graham ® it has only happened the twice. As our exchange is still a wooden shed I guess any thing could happen. Because of the shed I am still on dial up and Lineone.net.

  Newuser38 21:42 18 Apr 05

AArgh doing it again.

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