I cant get into my email messagers

  petehat 26 Jul 12

Dear Sir. Every time i click in my password to go into my email message i have the following come up, apache tomcat/5.5.27-err.... http status 500- exception org.apache.jasper.jasper exception/templete/tiscali.co.uk/main/htlm/layout.jpx And it goes on and on What shall i do to clear this fault. Yours Sincerely Mr P Hatherell

  Woolwell 26 Jul 12

Probably a temporary problem with your e-mail provider's server. It should clear automatically.

Did you ever solve your other question(s)?

  lotvic 26 Jul 12

Are you with TalkTalk ?

What is the end part of your email address? the part after the @

(do not put your whole email address on here for all the world to see)

Type your reply in the box below and then click on Post

  Woolwell 26 Jul 12

lotvic - The OP has never replied to any threads that he has started. It would seem to be the same this time.

  lotvic 26 Jul 12

Woolwell, I know. I'm trying to make it easy for him, obviously needs some help. Did you notice the 'tiscali.co.uk'? That is TalkTalk now and the tiscali servers are I think defunct.

Also the Jasper Jasper - that's Java JS problem don't you think?

  Woolwell 26 Jul 12

The apache tomcat and the status 500 parts may well indicate a server problem.

I think that tiscali should auto route to talktalk but it would be better to update the e-mail settings.

It is very difficult to assist when there is no reply and I am aware that in another thread instructions as to how to reply were given.

  lotvic 26 Jul 12

I've just got a pcadvisor 500 error when clicking on Helproom Link

500 coldfusion.runtime.EventHandlerException: Event handler exception.

at coldfusion.runtime.AppEventInvoker.onSessionStart(AppEventInvoker.java:377)

at etc etc etc down the page

It righted itself when I refreshed the page. So that all points to a Server Error.

I think petehat's problem is the Webmail side of tiscali email now that it is through TalkTalk Servers. And/or Java and JS needs enabling in Browser. What do you think?

  Woolwell 26 Jul 12

Still think it is a server error and nothing to do with the user's end.

There is something odd going on though at PCA. My 2.14 post didn't originally appear and I got an error message. I reposted with slightly different wording and that hasn't appeared at all!

  lotvic 26 Jul 12

There does seem to be some difficulties with a tiscali email address and Webmail, ClickHere Read this thread on TalkTalk Forum

ClickHere and then click on which email you have to get the settings to collect your email on your pc.

  Clapton is God 26 Jul 12


"Did you notice the 'tiscali.co.uk'? That is TalkTalk now and the tiscali servers are I think defunct".

Not strictly true.

All tiscali.co.uk e-mail addresses (like my own) are still alive and well and living on the TalkTalk servers.

  lotvic 26 Jul 12

Clapton is God, are you able to log on tiscali Webmail with no problems via the TalkTalk server?


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