I cant get IE to work on my vista laptop

  laptopdunce 23 Sep 12

I can get google chrome to work fine on my Asus laptop but IE wont open the pages properly, I would like to uninstall IE completely and re-install it, but I cant find IE programme in the control panel under programmes, what should I do?? thanks LAPOPDUNCE

  rdave13 23 Sep 12

Try going to all programs, accessories, system tool then IE (no add-ons). When it opens go to tools, internet options, Advanced tab and click the reset tab for IE. Close IE then start from your usual shortcut.

  laptopdunce 23 Sep 12

OK thanks I have done that, am running two computers on the same router so I can see that the google chrome browser still opens immediately on the Asus laptop but when reopening the IE browser its still takes ages for the Yahoo home page (its set on yahoo home page) to come on, I have just run a broadband speed check (its on talktalk UK broadband and its pretty good speeds) so its not the broadband connection. The IE yahoo home page finally appears but I cant click on the mail option as there is still a tab at the top with a rotating icon thing which must mean it is still all loading, there must be something wrong with the computer?? but if google chrome comes on immediately I cant think what it can be, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  Forum Editor 24 Sep 12

What about other web pages - do they open OK in IE? I they do, there may be a problem with the Yahoo site, rather than with your computer.

Try loading a simple,fast web page, and see how that goes... click here to try it.

  onthelimit1 24 Sep 12

You say Chrome opens straight away, but is it's home page Yahoo as well?

  laptopdunce 24 Sep 12

Forum editor, the Google chrome browser open with "babylon" on the home page, I get the link to open to the chrome page immediately when using this chrome browser (which I am using now) but the IE is so slow it wont even open for ages and ages and then it wont open a site at all, this is an Asus laptop (I have NEVER liked this laptop really) and am wondering if it needs to have a complete restore like I did with the acer laptop (and is now fine) after my post which fruitbat answered so well, I dont use this Asus laptop very much, I have always found it quite slow compared to the Acer laptop, but now it is just IMPOSSIBLE, I have run the antimalwarebytes scan and fixed on 6 issues, have "wiped" the free space on c and the d drive at level 3 on CCcleaner, but I just dont know what to do now, would you recommend a complete restore to factory setting and then reload windows from the back-up disks? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 24 Sep 12

forum editor: I have just loaded the PCadvisor site using IE (takes ages) and finally got to see my posts and then clicked on that link to the google homepage and it did open it after a few seconds, so that seems to be OK but just opening websites and then getting into specific pages takes ages and ages, I get a tab at the top of the page with that round icon rotating for ages and ages. LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 25 Sep 12

I will have to do that tomorrow, Its an Asus laptop with Windows Vista, I dont think I am running spywareblaster, Is it the little window in the start panel that is called "run" in Windows XP where I type in the ipconfig/flushdns and press enter? I will have a go in the morning, I am really thinking of doing a complete recovery on this laptop as I have the Asus recover disk still and after a long performance of doing a complete reovery on this XP laptop I am now using it has really worked well and is like a new computer, but it was a TERRIBLE time to reload all the programmes and tweak all the settings, download the things like framework and service pack 3 etc., etc., for the Windows XP. I dont use the Asus laptop much but it is running really slow apart from the IE problem and I have already backed up the photos and documents in case I do a reovery for that laptop, what do you think?? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  rdave13 25 Sep 12

Google chrome browser open with "babylon" on the home page. Just wondering if it's Babylon causing the problem in IE. click here .

  wiz-king 25 Sep 12

Google chrome browser open with "babylon" on the home page

That may be the problem, see other threads for getting rid of it

  laptopdunce 27 Sep 12

I think there must be a problem with IE everywhere as I am now on my other Vista laptop in Holland, and its exactly the same, I can get into Google chrome browser great (I am on that browser now) but the IE is taking AGES to open up and then when it does show the yahoo home page it takes forever to load a website from my favourites on the top bar. I cant figure out what is going on, this laptop was working fine on IE before the 18th sept and now I am using it again it is just like on the other Vista laptop in England, the funny thing is that I have two laptops in England and the other one (a widows Vista one) works fine on IE but these two Vista laptops are loading IE very slowly, it cant be the memory or disk clean-up as I do that regularly, just cant figure this out. LAPTOPDUNCE


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