I cant copy and paste

  laptopdunce 12 Apr 13

Since clearing the ad.yieldmanager pop ups from my laptop with a very very long drawn out rigmarole with all sorts of programmes and alterations in the tools on IE, I now find that I cant copy and paste if I highlight something like a serial number on ebay for instance, this is a real pain as I use copy and paste alot, how can I get it back working again?? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 12 Apr 13

This MUST be something to do with all the tinkering in IE tools I think as I can copy and paste fine if I am using the googlechrome browser - I am getting totally P'd off with IE, its a total pain!! I NEVER have had these problems with Google chrome, but I cant figure out how to make a toolbar with all the "custom aps" on it like I have on IE browser with yahoo as my homepage. LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 12 Apr 13

thats funny!! I have been into tools on the IE and looked at the homepage I am using and for some reason it was showing as Mixi.DJ.search, so I changed it to my default yahoo homepage and now I can copy and paste again, very weird but that seems to have fixed the problem. LAPTOPDUNCE seems to have fixed the problem. LAPTOPDUNCE (just copy and pasted that last section to prove it does work!!)

  rdave13 13 Apr 13

laptopdunce , where do you keep getting these browser hijackers from?

Might be from some risqué browsing.... :)

  Sea Urchin 13 Apr 13

Hi LAPTOPDUNCE - Mixi.DJ.Search is a virus so you need to remove it from Internet Explorer. It is not enough just to change the Home page. Scroll down this page to the appropriate section for IE and follow instructions. It is probably wise to also check your other browsers

Remove Mixi.DJ.search virus

  rdave13 13 Apr 13
  laptopdunce 13 Apr 13

Ihave done that already, I removed the Mixi.DJ.Search from the progs & features in the control panel in the programme list and it is no longer appearing in the "manage add-ons" in the tools menu, so I guess it has been totally removed now? I dont know how this could have planted itself in my system, a total mystery, LAPTOPDUNCE


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