I can't connect to the internet - tried everything

  krisstine 17:51 21 Dec 07

Hello - My son has given me a secondhand laptop, as my own computer keeps dying on me, anyway the problem is that the internetjust wont work at all on the laptop, but works ok on this old desktop, I have tried everything that i can think of but no luck,

Its XP 1st edition and virgin media cable broadband and the laptop is a fujitsu siemens - Amilo. 256 ram.

Please any advice appreciated.



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:01 21 Dec 07

How are you connecting the laptop to the cable modem?

  birdface 18:39 21 Dec 07

If using Usb you will have to load the Virgin Disk to register it.If using Ethernet it should work as soon as laptop starts up.Try Control Panel.Internet connections.Right click local area connection and press repair..See if that shows any faults.

  birdface 18:42 21 Dec 07

Your old computer keeps dying on you.Make sure the air vents at the back are clear of dust and fluff.If so the Inside will also need to be cleaned out.

  krisstine 19:11 21 Dec 07

Hello and thanks for the response, I am using usb modem connection and when i rang virgin media (which isn't cheap) they said that there was no need to load the disk in because its loaded already in the modem itself. ??
I did try loading the disk first of all but it wouldn't accept the details i was putting in passwords etc.
I have tried doing the repair but again it wouldn't do it. I am at a loss with it all.

Its difficult trying to work things out on the laptop, because i have to keep taking usb out to put it back into this old machine.


  brundle 19:13 21 Dec 07

Have you successfully installed the modem drivers?

  krisstine 19:25 21 Dec 07


I didn't know i had to, I presumed my son must have downloaded them, because he was using the internet on it for a while.


  brundle 19:33 21 Dec 07

Using the same modem? Sorry, it's not entirely clear.
From what you've said, the modem/connection/internet works fine when plugged in to the desktop PC via USB, right?

  krisstine 19:38 21 Dec 07

Yes thats right, but when i take the usb cable out and put it into the laptop it won't connect.


  g0nvs 19:43 21 Dec 07

You will need a driver for the modem, download from here.....click here

  brundle 19:43 21 Dec 07

With the modem plugged into the laptop, go to start menu/run,type


Press return

Are there any yellow or red warnings in the list of devices?

It is also worth switching everything off for 10 minutes (modem included), after that time power up the modem, wait until all lights are showing normal (depends what modem model) then switch on the PC and try the connection.

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