I cannot open my emails

  1Ssam 19:48 22 Aug 11

This has never happened before. When I log on I connect very easily and my emails download as usual but I cannot open them or go to the links highlighted on the emails. I thought of contacting my service provider but there is no problem with my connection so I think it must be a problem in my computer. I tried a couple of Go backs to a time when my emails were OK but that hasn`t worked. Can any one suggest anything?

Thank you, 1Ssam

  isca2 19:50 22 Aug 11

We may need to know what e mail client you use and also your op system.

  1Ssam 20:00 22 Aug 11

Sorry, I`m not very good at this. I am on Windows XP and using Outlook Express. Is this what you need? 1Ssam

  isca2 11:22 23 Aug 11

I realise that this is not a solution to curing the OExpress fault but try downloading and installing Thunderbird and see how you get on


  1Ssam 11:43 24 Aug 11

Thank you ISCANUT I am sure this is the way to go - having read about the problems of trying to reinstall OE on XP.

The trouble is I have tried to create an account on Thunderbird but so far without success. I`ll keep trying . Thank you, 1Ssam

  Woolwell 12:01 24 Aug 11

If your are used to OE then you may find Windows Live Mail is easier to set up Live Mail

  isca2 11:44 25 Aug 11

Let us know if still having trouble setting up Thunderbird as I am sure we can help.

  lotvic 13:03 25 Aug 11

Could you have reached the 2Gb limit? Outlook Express 2Gb limit and Don't Let Outlook Express Get Too Big

  1Ssam 20:31 25 Aug 11

Thanks you all for your continued interest. I tried Live Mail and as you said, Woolwell, it is easy to install and set up. Unfortunately it has the same problems as my present OE. By the way I can`t get rid of it now! Lotvic,I dont think I have reached capacity yet, but how do I find out. Iscanut,I have decided to go with your suggestion. I downloaded Thunderbird and then botched up creating an account. I thought if I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it I would get rid of the rubbish I had put in but not so. I found a tutorial on setting up a email account but now that I have messed it up I can`t start setting it up from scratch. Any help would be gratefully received. 1Ssam

  Woolwell 21:33 25 Aug 11

You can uninstall Live Mail See this. But I think that there is a more fundamental problem. Can you view your e-mails using webmail?

  isca2 11:57 26 Aug 11

After installing Thunderbird, click on Tools, then Account Settings. for account name you can put in your email address For Outgoing Server you need to put in the detail provided by your ISP, it will be something like smtp.server [email protected]..

Then Click on Tools, Server Settings and under Pop Mail server you need to put in the detail provided by your ISP. Will be something like [email protected] name.something Then work through all the other options and select what you want regarding mail box etc... Hope that helps. As Woolwell says, if Live Mail ( Hotmail ) does not work for you, then there is an underlying system problem

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