I cannot charge my laptop

  radimek 20:59 18 Apr 08

Hello guys,

There is something strange going on.
I cannot charge my laptop battery.

Before I plug my adapter into the side output of the laptop,I always make sure that the other end is plugged into the socket.

But the laptop is charging! There is not electric power coming in!

Could you advice please?

Thank you,

  simmo09 21:11 18 Apr 08

have you tried a different socket in a different location?

  radimek 21:17 18 Apr 08

Hello Simmo09,

Yes, I have tried but unfortunately to no avail.

  tullie 21:49 18 Apr 08

Will leave this to someone that understands

  radimek 21:56 18 Apr 08

Thanks tullie

  Sea Urchin 22:06 18 Apr 08

When you run your laptop from mains power it is also charging the battery - sounds to me that it is working normally

  radimek 22:15 18 Apr 08

Hello Sea Urchin,
Thanks for your post.

No, even if I run a laptop from mains power, after plugging in charger I cannot get any electric power in the laptop.

Should it be obsolete or too weak battery?
My laptop is one year old.

Thank you

  tullie 23:22 18 Apr 08

So the power light doesent come on when you plug into mains?

  radimek 23:35 18 Apr 08

yes tullie

  Strawballs 00:02 19 Apr 08

When the adapter is plugged in try pulling it slightly to one side, if it then works then I'm affraid it will proberbly be the socket that is connected to the motherboard.

  woodchip 00:08 19 Apr 08

First remove the battery just try running it on mains. If it works you need a new Battery, if not you need a new mains adapter

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