I cannon get XP Pro to re-install on my PC...

  throwusurthong 16:38 27 Jul 04

I've installed XP prfessional on my laptop & that works fine.
However, I've downloaded it onto my pc only realising I had to uninstall my firewall connection first.

I've re-installed the firewall and XP Pro but it keeps telling me I need to register it before my 14 day period is up.

Any ideas on how I can get this working....

Many thank guys!!

  Kate B 16:40 27 Jul 04

When you say you've downloaded it on to your laptop, do you mean that you've tried to install the same copy of XP Pro as on your desktop? If so, that's what it's complaining about: you get a 14-day period of grace before you have to activate it, and if you've already got that copy on your desktop, you won't be able to activate it again. You have to buy a whole new copy - or strictly speaking, a whole new licence.

  throwusurthong 16:47 27 Jul 04

Well I'm posting this on behalf of a mate.

As far as I understand it...yes..he has installed it onto his laptop...
Originally, it installed ok onto his pc..but had to take it off. When he put it back on thats when he said he had problems.

Would this be a networking problem as were are dealingwith XP Professional and not Home???

  Stormpool 16:59 27 Jul 04

00800 22848283 - Is a (european) toll free activation number
0870 2411963 - is a UK national rate call.

If it's an activation problem, use either of these numbers

  throwusurthong 17:05 27 Jul 04

I will let him know of this & get back to you all...

Why the hell do you want to reinstall Windows? Now's your chance to try a REAL operating system that'll free your computer and yourself from EXPENSIVE sofware costs.

Linux comes with a swathe of applications, so you won't have to buy anymore application sofware.

Installing Linux is a bit more involved than Windows, but is much more fun to use - and a sight more cheaper!

You get a whole community of people on the internet more than willing to help you if you have problems. If you don't want to ditch Windows right away, you could always 'dual boot' - where you have both Windows AND Linux on your computer, and swap between them as and when required. Good Luck!

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