I can see the folder but now I cannot

  bemuzed 09:24 27 Oct 05

I use XP Pro. When I save a file the default place is "temporary internet files" in asub-folder OLK4, and it now has quite a few in there I don't need. Isee this when I stat File/save as. However, from Explorer or Search I cannot find the folder to delete the contents. I have ticked View Hidden Folders. Any ideas how I can find and delete contents?

  wotbus@ 10:38 27 Oct 05

I suspect the files you saved are not really there at all, just their reference. Which browser do you use?

  wotbus@ 10:43 27 Oct 05

PS Temporary Internet Files is not a good place to save downloaded net files as this cache needs to be cleared out regularly.

  keith-236785 11:39 27 Oct 05

goto My Computer

click tools/folder options, then the view tab

scroll down to Hide Protected Operating System files (recommended) and remove the tick from the box, say yes to the warning message, click apply then OK

your folder should now be there to view/explore, dont forget to put the tick back in when finished to protect your system files once more.

good luck

  bemuzed 12:04 27 Oct 05

I use IE6 and Outlook.

  bemuzed 12:08 27 Oct 05

After clicking View still cannot see it.

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