I can connect to google but no internet sites

  metdec1964 22:15 02 May 08

hi, I have just bought a new hp laptop with vista home premium. I have set up wired and wifi at home no problem. But at work where I have access to T-mobile hotspot strnge things happen. I can connect to the internet (google), but no other sites. I have tried everything I know to no avail.
grateful of any help

  brundle 23:21 02 May 08

Can you be sure the Google page is not in your browser cache? In which case you have no internet at all at the hotspot...

  metdec1964 22:48 06 May 08

sorry for delay getting back,google is not in my browser cache, I can do searches on google which is quick to respond, I have even got on the bbc website a couple of times. As for any other sites I have had no luck. I thought it might be a security or certificate problem, but do not really know what I am looking for?
Any help appreciated.

  brundle 21:07 07 May 08

Can you access sites/IP addresses using ping when you're connected to the hotspot. Use ping with a site name and then its IP address.

ping bbc.co.uk



at the command prompt for example.

Success or failure?

  big_dog_smithy 20:31 11 May 08

Clear your DNS cache by typing the following into a command prompt box.

ipconfig /flushdns

and then if this fails clear the ARP tables

  metdec1964 00:42 04 Sep 08

hi guys i know its been a while, but i still cannot access web pages. it is really p---ing me off because other people have no problems. I have done as suggested above to no avail. I did ping as above and got replies. the present situation is, I acn access internet and all seems well. google searches and gets results as normal. when i try to access the site it just hangs there and wont connect? i am completely stumped any help please.

  kidsis 13:18 04 Sep 08

do you have any sort of specialist log in prog for T mobile? If so it may need updating.

  kidsis 13:21 04 Sep 08

also just realised it's a new laptop you have. Don't know what browser you use but the connection settings may need altering - on the t mobile site there are instructions for this using IE or Firefox. HTH

  metdec1964 20:37 04 Sep 08

thanks kidsis, checked those over, no probs there. the daft thing is i can log onto tmobile hotspot fine, i can get onto the internet fine, do searches on google ok but just cannot connect to a website? well not entirely true i can get on the odd ones! not the ones i want to connect to tho. I have just got onto the tmobile.com, USA site? t cannot access links from it though. totally odd?!

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