sadie 2 16:09 11 Dec 04

Hi a friend of mine has got a i b m comp with widows 2000 on but when it boots up can not do any thing because it has small 4 images on screen is this because it is not a i b m monitor any thanks ps hope you understand what i mean .

  Bellboy 16:12 11 Dec 04

>it has small 4 images on screen<

can you explain?

  sadie 2 16:28 11 Dec 04

Hi Bellboy it comes up as widows 2000 then it goes into 4 sall windows hope you understand.

  sadie 2 16:31 11 Dec 04

it should be small not sall

  woodchip 16:32 11 Dec 04

Do you mean the main window and 4 Dialogue Box's

  sadie 2 16:35 11 Dec 04

yes and can not see her desk top

  sadie 2 17:08 11 Dec 04

when the pc boots up it aways does a scan check then comes up I B M then widows 2000 then the screen has 4 dialogue boxes on the pass word widow but they are all distored plus ther is 4 mouse pointers

  woodchip 17:17 11 Dec 04

I would say Virus check as first thing. I hope you have created a Floppy Virus checker

  woodchip 17:17 11 Dec 04

If not try loading Windows over it's self

  Bellboy 19:41 11 Dec 04

woodchip is right.

If everything recently worked OK and you have not altered/installed anything, suspect a virus.
If you can "restore" to a previous period when everything was OK. or reinstal Windows - do.
If you have never had the PC working, it could be a missing driver eg monitor or mouse, or something interfering with your mouse - And that's against the law, by-the-way.

  Cuddles 21:18 11 Dec 04

I would have thought it was a graphics problem, can it be started in safemode?

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