I am using M$ Office XP Pro '2002'

  wee eddie 22 Jan 11

Outlook in particular.

When I install the latest version of Office, will Outlook satisfactorily 'Import' the .pst files from this older version of the Software?

Or, would it be necessary to jump through some hoops along the way?

Excel is a slight worry, but Word is, I assume, OK.

  Clapton is God 22 Jan 11

Outlook should import OK. This is how to do it:

1. On the File menu click Import and Export
2. Click Import from another file or program and then click Next
3. Click Personal Folder File (.pst) and then click Next
4. In the File import box, specify the path and file name of the .pst file you want to import
5. Choose one of the following:
• Replace duplicates with items imported
• Allow duplicates to be created
• Do not import duplicate items
6. Follow the remaining instructions in the Import and Export Wizard

Word and Excel should be even easier.

  wee eddie 22 Jan 11

From M$'s Outlook Backup Tool, I have an 'archive backup.pst' & an 'Outlook 1 backup.pst'

Any ideas on the order in which I should Import them?

  Clapton is God 22 Jan 11

Do you really need the Archive which is stuff older than 6 months (or whatever your personal archive setting is)??

  wee eddie 22 Jan 11

especially as I'm no longer running a Business that needs to keep such Records


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