i am not satisfied with my celeron g530

  notia 05 Nov 12

hi to all,

i am notis marinakis from greece and i really feel very lucky that i found your excellent forum.

just recently i have bought a celeron g530 pc because i wanted to replace my old athlon64/3200+ with something better and also not to spend too much.

i found the celeron's performance worst than the athlon64 especially on audio editing (wave and mp3 files) but with video encoding things are much better.

my cpu full load while i encode youtube flv videos to divx with xilisoft video converter v.6 is only 62% which it seems is good.

please, i ask to know if diferrent bios settings and some windows tweaks can help a little the situation.

i can send you an aida report for my pc if somebody is interested.

i am running windows xp pro sp3 32 bit and sony acid music studio 7, adobe audtion 2 with various vst plugins and xilisoft video converter v.6.

pc configuration :

celeron g530 cpu with apacer 2 gb of ram ddr3 ( ok i know that celeron can see ram freq. of 1033 only) asus p8h61m-le rev.3 with bios version 1.0 with onboard graphics seagate barracuda 250 gb sata3 hd linkworld 350 watts psu with efficiency .70% i think pagefile size total for .c and partition .e is 4000 mb

i thanking you very much in advance

  lotvic 09 Nov 12

You could put 2 gb more ram in making total of 4 gb. XP 32 bit will not recognise or be able to use any more than 4 gb.

  Chronos the 2nd 09 Nov 12

The Celeron G530 is a budget CPU so you really are getting what you pay for. As lotvic quite rightly says upgrade your RAM to 4GB which should help.

  notia 23 Nov 12

good afternoon to all,

first let me thank very much all of you that replied to my post regarding my celeron performance.

i apologize for the very long delay in reply but i must explain that i had my grandfather's death so i couldnt reply earlier.

i have all ready installed a corsair ddr3 4 gb ram ok windows xp 32 bit can see only up to 3 gb's but again the celeron performance is not what i expected from a dual core cpu with level3 cache.

possibly i have to tweak some bios settings in order to get a decent performance.

thanks again for your replies


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