I am not an expert

  Big Elf 21:16 09 Jan 04

Just because I post very occasionally and even more rarely give the correct answer I am by no means an expert on anything other than Oracle FA. In the last few weeks I've had a lot of emails relating to various PC problems (perhaps it's my fault also by replying directly rather than posting to the thread but I don't want to seem unhelpful and try to help whenever I can).

I'm quite willing to answer these questions and one in particular (S you know who you are) especially so. But you should realise that I rely on either my own limited PC experience or 'skill', if you can call it that, at Googling. I'm prepared to help but as I tell you in my replies you should not rely on the single, defective brain cell of an elf to help you fix your problem.

There are thousands of people here who can probably help with your problem and you shouldn't be shy or embarrassed to post more information if it's asked for.

I'm flattered that you ask me directly but would prefer it if you would post to your thread.

  mammak 21:29 09 Jan 04

Big Elf' lucky you am alway's ignored LOL' but then i know nothing so mabye that's the reason.

  woodchip 21:31 09 Jan 04

I am not an expert........Who is

  Pamy 21:35 09 Jan 04

When you are the only one to offer help on a particular problem then who else can we turn to?

Pamy(Many thanks)

  Big Elf 21:38 09 Jan 04

I was just trying to make the point that you get a better response if you reply to the thread and not be shy or embarassed about doing it. Of course I will always try to help and this is not meant to be a rant by any means.

mammak - I know noooothing also:0)

  howard60 21:42 09 Jan 04

if we really knew anything we would be out making our fortunes. Just keep plugging away.

  Forum Editor 21:44 09 Jan 04

that people post in the threads, rather than email individual forum members direct. It's the way the forum was designed to work, and unless it happens the other forum members will not be able to follow a problem through to resolution.

So - please don't email individuals about your problem, post here in the forum - no matter how elementary you may feel your particular problem is.

  Big Elf 21:44 09 Jan 04

Oh dear. I think I've given the wrong impression. I'll tick it as resolved and quietly forget about it. Sorry.

  woodchip 21:46 09 Jan 04

I know your point, but there is no need to make excuses as all help is free on hear. So don't worry

  VoG II 21:59 09 Jan 04

I think you'r pretty good as it happens and you do state in your posts when you're not sure.

I agree about the e-mail thing.

I AM an expert - but not to do with 'puters, sadly.

  Chaz10 22:08 09 Jan 04

Vog, what are you expert in?

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