Hyperthreading & Broadband Modem

  LastInQ 10:51 08 Dec 04

Hi,I'm with UTVInternet.I have just purchased a new PC with XP O/S with hyperthreading.My broadband modem is ZyXEL 630 C1.After contacting UTV, I'm told to switch off hyperthreading in the BIOS.1/ Will this slow down my internet speed much? & 2/ Anyone know a way to avail of the hyperthreading? Thanks.

  TonyJover 11:03 08 Dec 04

I've come across very few apps that support Hyperthreading. And no, it won't make any difference whatsoever to your connection speed.

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  LastInQ 12:27 08 Dec 04

Thanks for that Tony. Great reading too.Maybe a new modem is called for all the same.I'll leave it open for a day or two & see what happens.Thanks again.(Little wonder I'm last in Q)

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