richierich 08:31 29 Jun 03

seen much advertising about this system,sounds wondeful, anyone had any 1st hand experience of it?

  powerless 08:38 29 Jun 03
  -pops- 08:38 29 Jun 03

Put HyperOs in the search box at the top of the index page here. Select "All Discussion" and tick "Search Titles and all postings". Lots of info good and bad!


  powerless 08:41 29 Jun 03


  -pops- 08:45 29 Jun 03

Well, some people seem to like it, some don't, for various reasons. Whether these reasons are valid, I don't know, just working from memory of the threads.

  powerless 08:54 29 Jun 03

I can't see a use for it, For me anyway.

  richierich 08:55 29 Jun 03

Many thanks. Not sure if i really need it (or understand how to best use it. Bit pricey for me to try at present, I will leave alone for now.

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