SGBowen 11:48 06 Jan 03
  SGBowen 11:48 06 Jan 03

I am amazed at the claims being made in the HyperOS Systems ad in the March PC Advisor pp165ff. It is a brilliantly written ad, but it does leave you asking, Does it really work? Is there anyone out there who can vouch for it?

  jazzypop 12:23 06 Jan 03

Search the Helproom forum for hyperos - there are several threads there. Only one person claimed to have tried it, and wasn't impressed.

There are many sceptical comments about 'snake oil'.

  leo49 12:26 06 Jan 03

If you enter HyperOS in the search box,check all discussion/Search titles and all postings, you'll find this topic has arisen regularly whenever they splurge on their glossy ads disguised as mag articles. The concensus appears to be it's all a little too good to be true and that evidence verifying their grandiose claims is hard to come by.


  leo49 12:27 06 Jan 03

Typing too slow!

  SGBowen 11:52 07 Jan 03

I had tried a search but not wide enough. Now I have read through previous contributions.
Is it basically something good that is being oversold and overpriced, or doesn't it really work? What they have got right is the issues they claim to be addressing - the way Windows clogs up and slows down and starts to crash more and more. If someone did have an answer to that... I shall investigate 98lite now.

  leo49 12:20 07 Jan 03

98lite is well worth investigating - it allows you to strip out all the bloat and unnecessary bells & whistles from 98 and ME and achieve a very fast,compact and stable OS.

  €dstow 12:40 07 Jan 03

If any of these were as good as they claim, why is Mr Gates so wealthy and Mr HyperOs not?


  leo49 12:44 07 Jan 03


  Andÿ 12:44 07 Jan 03

Apathy :o) LOL

  €dstow 12:45 07 Jan 03

these = HyperOs and 98lite


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