hyper transport sync flood error

  mehim 12 Jun 11

I have a HP Touchsmart 300-1125uk which has been playing up for months. After going through all of HPs checks via phone and system restore they have finally accepted that it is not a software conflict that causes the following:- when starting fron an unexpected shut down its like a jumbo taking off, with a black screen and the only thing to do is remove power and start again,together with the screen freezes,and other black screen.

It is now going to hospital.(still under warranty)

Then this morning it re-booted itself from an unexpected shut down with the hyper message. A google seems to indicate over heating (it has only been on an hour, doing nothing) All vents are clean. Is this correct? If so it will tie in nicely with the fan issue methinks.

Its an AMD Athlon II x3 400E 2.2ghz, windows 7 64 bit.

Many thanks


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12 Jun 11

Incorrect correct voltage to CPU / memory

Power supply or motherboard problems

If your PSU has "cool an quiet" settings in BIOS turn it off Make sure memory voltage settings is high enough (2.1v)

  mehim 13 Jun 11

Thanks, I won't play with it as I want HP to fix it under warranty. I especially want to keep the cool and quiet if it does what it sounds like as the machine is in the lounge.

  mehim 22 Jun 11

Well, it's back from HP and no fault found under a stress test. Funny that, I can now barely hear a fan running and feel a breeze coming out of the vents, I don't remember this before. Still, time will tell and if I get the same problem again I shall be contacting the retailer and expreess my dissapointment. They did reset the LAN which was a software fault. The machine went away tues last week and arrived Monday this week, HP get full marks for that.

  mehim 30 Jun 11

Well, it's been a week and no problems, so the no fix HP has done seems successful until ......


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