hybird hdd -defrag?

  sunnystaines 07 Jan 12

quick question these new hybird hdd where they mix an SSD with a sata hdd.

what happens re chkdsk/defrag

do use use the TRIM as in SSD or defrag as in a SATA HDD

  wiz-king 07 Jan 12

As far as I know you cant use defrag on the SSD but things may have changed.

  rdave13 07 Jan 12

Some info, here. Not sure if I'd go for a hybrid as its neither one or the other.

This is a new one for me, "2.Frequent Anti-virus scans can disrupt the performance optimization of the drive" ?

  rdave13 07 Jan 12
  sunnystaines 07 Jan 12

rdave thanks for the links had a good read, i think i will avoid these drives and keep to either ssd or sata. perhaps c drive on ssd and rest on sata

  rdave13 07 Jan 12

I'm running a 64 gig SSD drive for OS and some programs and sata drives for all data and other programs that have no special need for speed.

Some links that might help if you decide to go for SSD,





The difference in speed is very noticeable. If you buy a Crucial SSD then have a look here,


Firmware updates but I'm not gambling yet, just in case :)

  rdave13 07 Jan 12

Second link failed so retry link

  sunnystaines 07 Jan 12

rdave thanks again


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