hwo to do links like this:

  tomleady 15:23 03 Feb 04

click here

the links on the left, when you mouse goes into the cell (is it a cell?), the background of the whol cell changes, and the whole cell is the link.

i can only ever get the background colour of the text to change colour.

how do i make the the whole cell become the link?


  Taran 17:42 03 Feb 04

That particluar page is made using CSS to format the cell colour changes.

If you want to delve into it, post again to that effect and let me know the software you normally use for creating your webs.

  Gaz 25 01:20 08 Feb 04

Very much like my site that, CSS for links.

Tom, just in case you didn't get it sorted I just saw this tutorial on the spoono site > click here and remembered this question, H.

  tomleady 10:17 13 Feb 04

got the case sorted in this post:
click here

hoep that link works. very useful.


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