Hungy laptop eats disc enigma.

  Nontek 27 Aug 12

I put a games disc into laptop drive in normal way, waited and waited but nothing happened. I checked in My Computer, no sign of disc just the empty drive icon!

I then opened disc tray and found it was empty? No sign of disc anywhere, so it must still be inside laptop - strange thing is, everything else is working as normal, including opening/closing disc tray and inserting another disc which ran as expected.

Disconnected laptop picked it up, opened tray, shook gently - no rattling or any sign of the presence of games disc. I cannot understand it, I would not have thought a disc could just disappear like that?

The laptop is a nearly new high-spec from Novatech, so I shall have to ask them tomorrow.

My question is, is there room inside a laptop for this to happen??

  wiz-king 27 Aug 12

It may have stuck on the spindle, open tray and use a thin mirror to look in and upwards to see if you can find the disc. If you can see it then try to dislodge it with a thin plastic knitting needle or similar. Be careful not to cause any damage if the heads are not in the parked position.

  Nontek 27 Aug 12

Hi wiz-king, the spindle is within the tray which slides out? I have had a very close look, using a torch to see inside, but no sign of disc.

  lotvic 27 Aug 12

At first I laughed as thought it 'impossible' but apparently it's not.... the invisible one must be stuck/wedged 'up' inside. Try inserting a thin card - like a train ticket - at an angle to dislodge it and make it drop down back into the tray so that when you press eject key it is back on the tray and comes out. Apparently repair shops have a sort of surgical grabber to get it out.

  Nontek 27 Aug 12


I tried a sheet of thick photo-paper, no luck. Had another look with torch, just no sign of disc.

I guess I will have to take it to Novatech, I live about five miles from them, but as my only form of transport is my mobility scooter, I shall have to get a friend to take me there. I am hoping they can do it while I wait.

  Nontek 27 Aug 12

Very strange, I even looked under the laptop and on the floor in case I was going mad - the disc has simply disappeared!

Yet everything else is working perfectly.

  lotvic 27 Aug 12

Be prepared to look a plonker if it's really not in there.... When you looked inside could you see the proper innards of the drive and be sure it's not a reflection from the shiny side of cd (depends on which way the tray holds them)?

  Nontek 27 Aug 12

Tray holds the discs Working side Down on spindle. I am so prepared - but it has GOT to be in there!

  badhair1963 27 Aug 12

Close the lid of the laptop then hold it on something firm, front-edge down, and give the lid a tap. That should dislodge anything stuck in the drive.

  Nontek 27 Aug 12


Thanks for your suggestion, but nothing appears to be stuck in drive - when open the drive workings/innards are visible. The disc is somewhere inside laptop but just refuses to surrender to my probing!

  onthelimit1 28 Aug 12

I have a number of laptop drives on my shelf. Looked at them all and there is no slot that a disk could slip through. So, it's either in there or you have ghosts!


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